Patrik Baboumian, a student of psychology/brain research and speaks 5 languages. It is his biggest dream to become "Germanys Strongest Man". Will the charismatic Strongman be able to go beyond his capabilities to achieve this goal?

David Whitley is one of the last Oldtime-Strongmen. He is able to bend steelbars, and drive nails through wooden boards with his bare hands. David is convinced that the key to abilities like that are accessible to everyone and that all strength has its beginning in the mind.

Lou Ferrigno lost 85% of his hearing when he was a child. But the comic hero "The Incredible Hulk" changed his life. He started lifting weights and wanted to become bigger and stronger than anyone before him.

"Kraftakt" is the captivating documentary about strength and irrepressible willpower, which can move mountains.